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Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Evaluations

SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy  is proud to offer the Titleist Performance Institute golf evaluation at our clinic.  Through this evaluation, we identify how body faults may cause swing faults and we provide you an individualized golf program to address your physical limitations.  Do you you want to prevent golf injuries? Do you have pain when you play golf? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then call our clinic to set up you Titleist golf evaluation.

What is a TPI Evaluation?

A  Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Evaluation follows the guidelines  set forth by the TPI in addressing and identifying golf-related  injuries, and attempts to improve a golfer’s game. The primary goals of a TPI Evaluation are to identify the physical limitations within an  individual’s golf swing, identify “faults” in a golf swing, correct the  physical limitations in each individual, and integrate physical gains  into an individual’s swing. From this point, the physical therapist  leading your session will be able to provide you with a complete  analysis and steps moving forward to improve your game. 

Goals of the TPI Program

Golf  is more physically grueling on the body than most might think, making  it imperative that golfers take the absolute best care of their bodies.  There are several benefits to the Golf Fitness Program at SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy.  First, we are one of the few facilities that are able  to offer a TPI evaluation, as physical therapists must be specifically  certified by TPI in order to provide this. In this program, we will  identify a combination of exercise and manual techniques that will help  the patient strengthen his or her golf game. Because this program is  designed specifically for golfers of all levels, we will be focused on the muscles and exercises golfers depend on most.

We will develop a program to eliminate weakness, increase flexibility, strengthen the core  and increase balance.  All of these things will make you a better,  stronger golfer, while reducing your vulnerability to injury.

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At SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy,  we are pleased to offer the TPI evaluation as  an integral part of our Golf Fitness Program. This popular program is so effective because it meets the needs of golfers and  provides direct results in improving their game and reducing injury. If  you are interested in preventing golf injuries, or want to decrease any pain that occurs when you play golf,  then contact SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy at 480-584-3334.

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Visit the Titleist Performance Institute website for more information on the program.