Posture Physical Therapy


SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy posture program

SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy  is proud to offer posture physical therapy at our clinic.  This specialized program is designed to identify your postural fault and teach you what stretches and exercises to do to improve your posture and decrease your pain. Do you want to keep from getting poor posture? Do you have pain associate with poor posture? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then contact SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy at 480-584-3334 to make an appointment.

Goals of the Posture Program

There are several goals to the PostureProgram at SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy.  First, we are one of the few facilities that are able  to offer a National Posture Institute evaluation, as physical therapists must be specifically  certified by the National Posture Institute in order to provide this. In this program, we will:

  • Evaluate your posture type
  • We will provide you specific stretches and exercises for your "postural fault"
  • We will teach you how to perform everyday activities with proper posture.

Our postural program will improve your posture and decrease your posture associated pain. 

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This highly popular  program is so effective because it meets the needs of all individuals and  provides direct results in improving your posture and decreasing your postural associated pain.  If  you are interested in having good posture, or want to decrease any pain with poor posture,  then contact SpineScottsdale Physical Therapy at 480-584-3334. 

Learn More

Visit the National Posture Institute Website for additional information about posture.